How to Hire Consultants  to Get you the Best Cell Tower Lease Rates

The cell phone in the United States is growing exponentially. Recent reports revealed that 95% of adults in the United States have mobile devices, and 77% have smartphones. What does this report tell you? Cell phone companies need more towers to connect the growing numbers of calls each day. That means one thing – the cell tower leasing business is booming.

Let me remind you that cell towers can only go up in certain places and fulfil certain conditions to operate optimally. So, if your land is located in any of these areas, you may be getting a lease agreement sooner than later.

You have the option to discuss your cell tower lease rate with the company yourself or hire a consultant to help you handle the process. But it’s advisable to hire a consultant to help you manage the negotiation process. Trust me, cell tower lease consultants are experienced negotiators and can always get you a perfect deal. Check here!

If you have decided to hire a cell tower lease contractor, take note of the following tips. Otherwise, you may end up hiring an inexperienced and unskilled consultant that will mess up the negotiation process.

#1. Ask for References

Hiring a cell tower lease consultant is a bit complicated. Anybody can call himself a consultant because they don’t get licensed. And that’s why you can easily fall into the wrong hands.

However, if the expert you want to hire is as experienced as he claims, ask him for references. Talk to a few of them, and if they all have a great experience with the cell tower lease expert, he’s competent. \

#2. They Demonstrate Expertise Cell Tower Lease Rates and Agreements

Before you hire a cell tower lease expert, ensure that they demonstrate a level of expertise. They should explain the different complex clauses in the agreement and identify all the update triggers. Learn more details at:

#3. Transparent Fee Structure

It’s always advisable to look before you leap when hiring a cell tower lease consultant, especially in the area of fee structure. Some of them don’t have a transparent fee structure, and you may end paying more than your budget.

Some consultants charge a commission per transaction while others have a fixed rate. However, discuss extensively with the consultant during the pre-hiring interview, let them tell you their exact fee, and ask for a review if possible.

#4. Check if they Are Insured

Every cell tower leasing consultant is in the business of working for clients directly. And without liability insurance, you may be liable for any mistakes that could happen in the future transaction with the consultant.

#5. Comfortable With Them

Always hire a consultant that you are comfortable with. Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to become the consultant’s best friend, but you should be comfortable working with them.

The process of hiring a cell tower lease consultant isn’t any different from hiring other professionals. Prioritize experience, expertise, and strong recommendation over cost. It’s better to pay higher and get excellent services than pay low and regret it.