7 Tips to Install a Cell Tower on Your Land

A lucky few have excellent cell tower lease rates because they’ve done their homework. Those landowners have gone through the negotiation stages with a professional and have prime location for a cell tower. However, there are many areas, both urban and rural, that need wireless cell towers. Wireless companies are constantly looking for properties that can host a cell tower, but you don’t need to wait for them to find you. You could get the ball rolling, so, what steps could you take to get a cell tower on your property?

Steps to Get a Cell Tower

  1. Research the local Area for Cell Towers
  2. Read Up on Local Codes and Zoning Regulations
  3. Understand if the Area needs a Cell Tower
  4. Research Which Wireless Companies are Likely to Benefit from a Cell Tower
  5. Advertise Your Willingness to Host a Cell Tower
  6. Contact Wireless Companies to be Considered
  7. Wait for the Company to Contact You

Once you have a company approach you, you need to ensure the cell tower lease rates work for you. This is the trickiest part of the entire process simply because it’s where the nitty gritty happens. The wireless company will request things from you, and you demand things from them. It’s about getting a balance that’s favorable for both parties. See more!

Have A Professional Backing You

A lot of property owners go into cell tower negotiations with zero expert advise and with no-one fighting their corner. That’s a lost cause because it’s likely you’ll agree to whatever terms the wireless company offers. It’s not ideal as the deal mightn’t offer the best for you. That is why it’s essential to have a professional cell tower lease consultant fighting your corner. And ideally, they should not be affiliated with any wireless company. They should be able to negotiate for better cell tower lease rates. Of course, you have the final say as to whether you think the agreement is acceptable or not.

Do You Have to Accept the Deal Being Offered?

Land and property owners assume since they are at the negotiation stage, they are not able to walk away from the deal. However, that’s very much untrue. If you are not happy with the cell tower lease rates or the terms being introduced by the wireless company, it’s time to walk away. You can renegotiate or walk away entirely. It depends on what is being offered and what you think is fair. If it’s not right for you, renegotiate or walk away.

Get The Best Cell Tower Lease Rates for Your Land

Just because you’ve done the legwork and brought the company to your door, it doesn’t mean you have to accept whatever offer they give you. It’s about getting a fair deal and ensuring both parties walk away happy. Fortunately, there are many ways to negotiate for fairer terms and a professional consultant could provide some assistance. However, it’s easier than you think to get a cell tower on your property. Just ensure the cell tower lease rates are fair and you’re happy with the terms and conditions too. Click here to learn more about cell tower lease: https://www.secretlifeofasnowbird.com/how-are-cell-tower-leases-valued/